Saturday, May 22, 2010

Joshua "dolphinmouth" Bennett b/w John "peanut" Hall works of paper

Big ups to everyone that came out to witness the trance induced paper works posted up for the month of May. Come on down if you've missed 'em so far 'cause they're coming down in one week! Most have sold but there are still some choice visions on offer. Thanks again to Cole Champion for providing the chill'd aurals.


Thank you to Ashley Sluggo and Nathan for setting up the Gull, Leah Yeppi, and Rymodee! show. It's not often you get to catch a dude shredding six stings in one hand and breaking off beats with the other. Hope ya'll put some fluff in the hat for the traveling musician.


Coming in June, Julia Davis will share a recent photo series to be installed for an opening Friday 4th.

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