Friday, October 23, 2009

Hey, What's been goin on?

October has been a very busy month. Not only did we decide to transform the back room into vintage under 20 bucks but we've been putting out new handmade apparel, art, accessories, et cetera, every single day!! We've met & added new local artists to the mix. Plus the post man is bringing us packages at a rapid rate & I unwrap them with fervor. Perhaps it is that we know xmas is right around the corner but we are definitely filling this place up more than ever.
There has also been quite a bit of events in this month of October & the month isn't even over! We've been glad to be a part of every interesting opportunity that has come our way.
Here's a bit of the happenings thus far... We kicked the month off with Scum of the Earth playing an in store show. Followed by a lovely opening party for Fred Edgemon's Collection "A Whole New Thing".
October 13th Carole Crews had a book signing for her new self published book about earthen plasters titled "Clay Culture: Plasters, Paints & Preservation". She left us a few copies which are available on the info shop display. It's an excellent resource for natural builders.
For Create Here's "Models in Masks" fashion event I made 2 ensembles with masks! Here are some pics taken by Robert Parker & Cameron Adams...


Upcoming events:
October 24th -
We have a booth with Young Monster on the Walnut Street Bridge for Ocktoberfest. Come check out the radical apparel & screen printed posters & hang out with us over the Tennessee river!!
October 31rst (Halloween)
Come see John DJ a set of soul, psyche & garage records/45s at 901 Lindsay Street (diagonally across the street from JJ's). Forest Magic & Mockinbird will be playing! It's sure to be a fun/wild/ridiculously dressed night.
November 6th
Opening party for "A Whole 'Notha New Thing" Part deux of the psychedelic 60's poster art show. This time featuring posters from Bill Graham's Fillmore West.
November 14th
Chattanooga Roller Girls benefit party. Food/Wine/DJs! Come hang out with the CRG & check out the awesome handmade things they are makin just for you. All funds from their crafts go directly to the team & we are donating 10% of the days sales to the team as well.

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