Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The intention of this blog is to keep all the artists/designers up to date on the progress of the shop's opening. And introduce these artists to our Chattanoogan friends. We'll also let you know when our plans for an opening party are solidified.

Since I keep on hearing "what exactly is it that your opening?" Handmade Gallery? I will try my best to convey the idea here & now... Call it a variety store, an indie/DIY shop, fashion & art venue or whatever you want. We've decided gallery is a good description. Although, Leo will hardly be a conventional gallery, we think that since everything within it will be made by artists/designers/musicians/writers/makers it should probably be deemed a gallery. And we intend to bend the definition as we please.

Here is a little F.A.Q:

What will be in the shop?
Artist made fashion, small publications(like zines & books not available elsewhere in Chatty), ceramics, screen printed wears, adornments & accessories, prints, photography, functional art, totally non functional art, Handmade goods of all sorts made in the U.S.A. & Canada.....
What will NOT be in the shop?
Items made in sweatshops, anything we cannot trace to the individual or collective who made it.
Will there be local Chattanoogans stuff?
Hell yes
How to submit art, craft, a project, et cetera...?
Send Jpegs or links & a small description of the idea or artist bio to leo.handmade@yahoo.com

And the question asked most often... just about everyday...
When will you open? It will be at least 3 more weeks.

So basically, we are looking forward to an awesome summer full of handmade things & creativity!!!!!! If you have any questions send them to Johny or Bridget @ leo.handmade@yahoo.com Thank you to everyone for all the support & encouragement!

Our sweet location (currently under construction) is:
149 River Street Chattanooga TN. (below Clumpies/ facing Coolidge Park)
We look forward to meeting & getting to know you!

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